Restore My Stem Cells


David Schmidt explains X39 research with Health Practitioners

From chiropractors to cardiologists, practitioners around the world are discovering the power of lifewave stem cell activation patches for their patients.

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Dr. Gregg Marshall's Incredible Recovery from Total Knee Replacement

Dr Krot - Quantum Field X39 Team Training Video

DrJon Harmon take a deep dive into Lifewave Research papers

X39 Doctor Review - Dr. Tracy Hoyt

X39 and How it Works with Dr Don VerHulst, MD

Lifewave Patches with Dr. Stuart Freedenfeld

David Schmidt, Lifewave Inventor & CEO explains X39 stem cell activation patches to health practitioners.

Acupuncturist Demonstrates Points for Patch Placement

Cardiologist Dr Mario Lopez

Naturpathic Doctor: After 20 Years, Pain Finally Gone and Patient Experience

Patty DiBlasio, MD Shares Lifewave Patches with her Patients

Dr Pierce Stem Cell Activation Patches

Getting The Most From Your Patches w David Schmidt Dr Karen Kan

Retired RN finds relief from pain and injuries

Nurse Practitioner Working With Stem Cells

Dr. Rhonda Shares Her 3 Years Experiences with Stem Cell Activation

Dr. Stan Gravely about Stem Cell Activation Patches

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