Restore My Stem Cells

David Schmidt

Founder & CEO

David is the inventor of LifeWave technology and founder and CEO of LifeWave

David is the inventor of LifeWave technology and founder and CEO of LifeWave. David’s experience in business and product development spans over 30 years and includes a formal education in Management Information Systems and Biology at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. David then went on to pursue several entrepreneurial endeavors and, as a result, owned successful companies involved in manufacturing and product development. One of these companies, Advanced Applications Group, is a research and development center that specialized in energyproduction technologies for both military and commercial applications. During his time with AAG, David developed new methods for producing hydrogen and oxygen, designed and prototyped multi-fueled, bladeless-turbine power generation systems, and constructed metal-combustion rocket engines. As a result of his innovations, David was presented with an honorary doctorate by Dr. Alexander Marinaccio of the International Hall of Fame of Inventors. In addition, as a result of work performed in the design of emergency oxygen systems for General Dynamics and the U.S. Navy, David was invited to participate in the Navy’s next generation mini-sub program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What systems in the body does the x39 rebalance?
Difference between stem cell injections and how the x39 works in regard to reactivating stem cells
Out of the ten scientific studies conducted on x39, which one is your favorite?
Is it possible that the x39 works on most symptoms?
How many patents do you actually have?
How does x39 potentially affect different systems and organs in the body?
Can you give a brief description of how the 39 patch works?
Why did you decide to sell your patches as a network marketing company?
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